Happiness for me is to adorn, to beautify and to create. My jewellery is made from naturally formed materials from the Earth- stone, metal, wood, horn, mother-of-pearl… I love them all! Stones… the thought alone that the Earth bore them for thousands of years enchants me! Their natural brilliance captivates me. Metals, bronze and aluminium are all favourites of mine. “Silver moon” and “Silver sea”, the word “silver” itself has been used countless times by poets and writers. Its colours and pliability make it invaluable. Wood, just like ebony, impresses me as it is carved into rings, earrings etc. Horn, its velvety texture makes it unique. Mother-of-pearl, a silky ripple, all of the sea’s magic in one material.

The pleasure I derive from seeing the happiness and satisfaction that my jewellery gives to my customers is indescribable. In order to promote my work and that of other Greek designers, which is available in both our Naxos and Ermoupoli stores, i have created this e-shop for your convenience and pleasure.

I thank you in anticipation,
Katerina Axaopoulou